What is 5ynergy?

We all know how easy it is to get swept up in the day to day existence of life, rather than having the freedom to live it. That is why we at NDA Fitness have partnered with several specialists within their fields to create our new platform, 5ynergy. We cover what we consider to be the five fundamentals for well balanced health: Sleep, Water, Mindful Moments, Nutrition and Movement. Bringing our combined wealth of knowledge to your fingertips.

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Synergy is defined as the power of a group of things that when they are working together, is greater than the total power of each working separately.

Each component feeds into and effects the other. We want to support you in identifying the importance of each fundamental, how to embrace and develop in each area, improving your overall health.

The content within each section of this programme has been
exclusively created for or by NDA Fitness!

What is included?

Exclusive – Sleep video series, brought to you by Life Changing Energies.

Exclusive – Water video series, brought to you by NDA Fitness and Life Changing Energies.

Guided meditation programme, brought to you by Mindful You.

Exclusive – Mindful Course brought to you by Restore Your Body Now.

Exclusive – Nutrition video series, brought to you by NDA Fitness.

Over 250 recipes to get your teeth into as well as meal plans.

Exclusive access to a database of workouts to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, brought to you by NDA Fitness.

Also included…….

  • Monthly LIVE, Plan To Succeed session, to set your intentions for the month
  • Monthly Q&A’s / Workshops with our coaches and other special guests
  • Exclusive access, to complete nutrition and exercise programmes as well as additional tracking tools

5ynergy +

Would you prefer some additional 1:1 support with your goal setting and accountability?
Then 5ynergy+ is for you. You get full access to all the 5ynergy content with the addition of 2 x 30 minute 1:1 accountability sessions per month with Nate. These are held via zoom to help you achieve your goals.

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