Coming October 2023

Boxercise classes from 1st October will now be as follows:

Boxercise Buddies – 7-10 years – Part of Boxercise Awards Scheme.

Power Pads – 11-13 years – Part of Boxercise Awards Scheme.

Drills & Skills – 14+ years – Part of Boxercise Awards Scheme.

Boxercise Fit – 14+ years – High Energy Fitness Class to Music.

If you would like to find out more about each class, please click the button below.

So what are Boxercise Awards?

This is our unique grading scheme that allows people an opportunity to not only learn Boxercise skills well, but also grade up through the ranks and obtain awards. There are currently 3 grading levels and these are Bronze, Silver and Gold.

This will involve grading days where you will be assessed to determine whether you have met the requirements to achieve your next grading. Upon successful demonstration of your skill set, you will receive a certificate, medal and registration of your current level on the scheme. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade your Boxercise T-shirt to showcase your grading level.

What are the costs?

All our classes will now be on a monthly direct debit of £49.00 per class, per month.  No longer will you need to book in weekly for your classes, this will now happen automatically through the new membership system. We are also offering discounts for multiple memberships within the same household across all classes. 

Discounts offered: 

2 classes – 5% on all memberships

3 classes – 10% on all memberships

4 or more classes – 15% on all memberships

Registration to the classes moving forward will incur a £75.00 registration fee which covers your equipment. We will continue to offer the free trial classes and will be offering an Early Bird registration of £65.00 to anyone signing up before October. We would like to honour our current members by waving the registration fee.

As of October all members will need to bring their own kit.

  Exclusive offer for current members:

1. You can purchase our current pre-loved kit at an exclusive rate of £25.00 for the pair (gloves and pads).

2. You can purchase our brand new and exclusive NDA Fitness branded adults equipment at a one time offer price of £50.00 (gloves, pads and wraps).

For any new registrations, children will receive gloves, focus pads and a class T-shirt. Adults will receive NDA Fitness branded gloves, focus pads and hand-wraps.  Those attending Boxercise Buddies and Power Pads are required to wear the NDA Fitness T-Shirts and all classes require members to bring kit. Adult T-shirts and additional branded clothing is also available for purchase. 

What’s next?

If you wish to sign up to any of these classes then please click the button below to complete your direct debit mandate (This will be not be taken until the 1st of November).

We will contact you directly prior to the start of the classes to arrange payment for your first month, registration (where applicable) and any equipment you might require. Should you have any non-expired class vouchers, you will be able to credit these against this payment.

The direct debit will be set up thereafter to be taken monthly on the 1st of each month, as of the 1st of November.