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Welcome to BOOST On Demand. This option is for those that cannot attend the live classes or who simply like the flexibility of choosing what they want to do and when. All sessions are delivered by Nate but unlike our live classes, without the use of music. Please feel free to play your own music, but it is vital you can hear the instructions clearly to ensure your safety as well as adequate space, when taking part in our On Demand videos. We recommend a space of at least 3 square metres with no obstructions.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try a boxing class, but not been sure if it’s for you? With our boxercise class you can find out just how much fun boxing can be and you don’t need to be as good as Rocky.

Cardio Fitness

Our Cardio Fitness sessions are delivered in a range
of formats such as HIIT, Pyramids and Circuits.
These involve a combination of cardiovascular and strength training exercises, guaranteed to get your
blood pumping. No need for specialist equipment. 

Low Impact Cardio

This is a low impact class, perfect for those new to exercise or with health conditions that impact their mobility.  Focusing on exercises that will improve your strength, balance, flexibility and fitness levels.

Core Strength

Undoubtedly the most important group of muscles
that often get overlooked. We use our core in
everything that we do and it is the foundation of
healthy posture. This session will get these fired up,
helping you to develop greater core strength.


We all know the importance of stretching.
Whether you have just finished a workout or you are
on a rest day, this workout will see you increase your flexibility as well as provide relief for tired muscles.

Strength Training

Coming soon to BOOST On Demand
….watch this space.

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