BOOST Level 2 Subscription

You are signing up to our BOOST level 2 membership, giving you access to two classes of your choice each week. Please note your coupon can be redeemed against eight classes at any point each month. If you decide you would like to access more, upgrade and top up options are available from “My Account” in the members area. Alternatively you can pay as you go at £7 per class.

Payment is via Stripe at £30 per month, for a total of six consecutive months.
When this subscription expires, you will need to renew on one of the BOOST Packages to continue your membership access.

You can choose to cancel your subscription with a 30 day notice period from your next billing date.
Please use the Stripe button below to continue.

Error! The button ID (1488) you specified in the shortcode does not exist. You may have deleted this payment button. Go to the Manage Payment Buttons interface then copy and paste the correct button ID in the shortcode.